7/07 KBO: King Ace vs. Everybody

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Primary Arms

C. Koo

Welcome to one of the most talented pitching slates of the 2020 KBO SZN. More than that, the Organization's best pitcher will each be facing SK, the new title holder of "Worst Offense of 2020". The good news is that he's at least somewhat priced up, but ownership should still be expected to be very high. We'll need to find a way to make our lineups have a unique aspect to them.

When looking at overall numbers, its easy to just take it as gospel and assume that's what we should expect moving forward. What I like to do is review the pitcher's arsenal and what he's doing that has given him success or given him trouble. I had previously written an in-depth breakdown on Dan Straily who was initially the listed probable pitcher for Lotte. He's since then been pushed back, sigh. Anyway, here's a taste of what I had on Straily. For someone like Dan Straily it's obvious right off the bat. He uses a slider as his primary pitch vs. RHBs. That's why he has such great splits vs. righties. For whatever reason, he drops his slider usage by 50% vs LHBs. He seems to prefer throwing the changeup and curveball vs. lefties. Once MLB starts we'll be focusing on individual batter's stats vs. pitcher's primary pitches. It's a formula that's led to great results all last season.

It's unreal what Koo has done this season. Lets take a look at what OPS numbers hitters are putting up vs. the 3 pitches he throws the most. He hasn't allowed ANY damage when throwing curves, and essentially nothing when throwing sliders to lefties. We can see the only pitch that has resulted in league average marks has been sliders thrown to righties.

Given that he's facing those 2 RHBs of Choi and Romak, let's see how they perform vs. sliders.

J.Choi, the most dangerous bat of SK, is not a fan of sliders being thrown, especially by lefties. He thrives vs. righties throwing him fastballs and sinkers.