7/04 KBO: Tuning up for MLB SZN

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Primary Arms

C.Flexen vs. HAN

D.Rucinski vs. KIA

C.Lim vs. SAM

This is an absolutely gem of a tier. Love them all. We have the rare 3 Studs with 20 K%+ to go along with advanced metrics that agree with their surface numbers. Obviously, Flexen has the best possible matchup at the best possible park for pitchers. I can't find anything wrong with him besides the likely supremely high ownership. Rucinski has proven his bump in K% is real as can be. He's going to go out there and give us 6 IP+, 100+ pitches, and anywhere from 5-10 Ks. Lim is the newcomer to this tier. He's currently sporting a sparkling 24.3 K%, 5.8 BB%, 3.79 FIP. He's racked up AT LEAST 6 Ks in 75% of his starts. SAM isn't the pushover that HAN is, but they can be taken advantage of. While I worry about Koo, Lim has a ridiculous 30+ K% vs. LHBs. He has oddly given up 2 HRs twice, but he found a way to limit the damage otherwise.

GPP Pivot Arms