7/03 KBO: Hammer the Plus Matchups

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It's these two and then everybody else today. I've officially jumped on the Alcantara bandwagon. His out of nowhere K% explosion (13.8% in 2019, 19.5% in 2020) continues to roll along and he's done it vs. some of the best teams. Now throw in a matchup vs. HAN it only increases his ceiling, as he's very likely to pick up the W bonus (QS bonus on FD too).

Speaking about Wins and Quality Starts, I give you Jokisch. He's literally gone at least 6 IP and given up 3 or less runs in all but one start (his first start of the season which he went 5.1 IP). He's picked up 10+ groundouts in 6 straight starts. He's limited power better than just about any other SP (2 HR all season). At the very least, we know there's very little upside to stacking against him, no matter how much leverage there might be. Don't bother starting any lefties against him (.03 LISO, .173 wOBA).

ADDED NOTES: Vegas is EXTREMELY high on Alcantara. They are giving him odds I've only seen given to Koo, -440 and growing. Also, HAN is at a ridiculous low 2.75 IRT. Another bonus, Rotogrinders default projections have Alcantara's point total 3 points lower than our projections. Really good sign, the majority of players tend to roll with their projections.

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