7/01 KBO: Fu** You DK, Koo Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Primary Arms

C.Koo: To the new members we've picked up over the last 10 days, you may not be aware of what Koo Day is around here. He's been our savior, halting any losing streak we may have had and always leading us to green numbers. We are essentially undefeated on #KooDay. Anyways, the guy is awesome. DK finally priced him up accordingly so I'm assuming we will get low ownership. The boy is #1 in K% and FIP while having given up next to nothing in power. His matchup vs. LOT isn't perfect with all those RHBs but Koo still has a F'ing 29.6 K% vs. the opposite hand. Incredible.

K.Im: I'm honestly as tilted as I've ever been with this subject but Im is right back to being a top tier option after DK stole all our money away. In summary, Im was our number 1 play last night and even worse, I had almost double the exposure than the field (I was all in on Im). After they announced a PPD because of a 5 minute sprinkle, it was too late, the lineups were already locked. Ok, I'm going to try to be professional and move forward. Im and Koo are the Cash Game Locks for me. They are also the best combo going in all formats, I just have to do some more research to see how we can best fit these two studs and still have a decent Stack alongside. You can go look at his write up from yesterday for further info.