Daily Notes 07.01.19

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Clearly the Daily Boogie Twitter account posting up that I called the highest scoring game of the year in advance didn't sit well with a couple of you, so I would like to apologize to those that I offended. I know that the Indians didn't show up, thank you though for reminding me and making sure. I'm sorry about that.

I personally thought it was pretty cool that the 4 pitchers I rostered all went for 50 plus on a day in which I told you all that I went all in on and even shared the percentages I had. Dammit Lindor, why did you fly out to the warning track, why couldn't you hit a homer you bum!

Please, if at all possible, come talk to me on the site, don't take out your frustration out on us on Twitter because apparently you went 100% in on one offense I mentioned that i liked. To add to this, the next tweet was somebody saying "good job calling him out, we need more transparency" LOL. I don't know any other site that talks to their members the way we do here.