6/30 KBO: Embrace the Variance

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Primary Arms

K. Young Im (KIA) vs. HAN

M. Ho Lee (LG) vs. KT

M.Wright (NC) vs. LOT

This slate got a whole lot more interesting with the additions of two of my favorite young talents in the league. By now, you all likely know I'm an IM fan (pun intended). Let's just pretend he wasn't in the Top 10 across all key categories (FIP, K%, BB%, HR/9, WHIP), lets just pretend he wasn't priced at a low $7.8 K, and let's just pretend he isn't one of the few starting pitchers with a K rate north of 20% (22.2%). He's a talented arm facing the Hanwha Eagles. There isn't a single box Im leaves unchecked. It's quite impossible to have a better projected outlook than what Mr. Ki-Young Im currently has. He's given up more than 1 BB just one time all season,

If you recall, Min Ho Lee last started vs. DOO about 8 days ago. He's the pitcher who LG gives 8-10 days rest between starts. He's a young talented arm that they are monitoring carefully. With the unusual time gaps between starts, his volatility will be higher than the average pitcher. That being said, he's been as steady as it gets (over 100 pitches in three straight starts, zero HRs allowed, and no more than 2 ER in any one start). Today won't be as easy with the power bats of KT on the other side, but there's no way around it; M.Lee is one of the better options going.

Now for the headache that is M.Wright. I'm still not a big fan of Mr. Higher FIP than ERA, Mr. I'll Walk Multiple Batters so What? But that doesn't mean I'm blind to the situation we have going on this