6/27 KBO: Small-Field Approach

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

When entering a regular-sized KBO GPP (5,000+ entries), it's possible that you don't even have to remove a single player from your pool (especially in MME). Now for MLB, it's usually wise to remove several individual batters that don't present us with a certain level of upside/value. Reason being, there's 30 teams as opposed to KBO's 10. There are numerous factors we have to weigh when determining if a player makes our cut. Does he have upside? If not, does he bring us enough value where it allows us to stack the rest of our lineup with some studs?

It becomes all the more crucial to nail your decision when it comes to smaller-field contests. One of the most popular baseball contests we had last MLB season was the "100-Man". Only 100 entries total, with a max of 3 per player. It's also one of the more sensible tournaments to enter when you consider the probability of winning. With 3 entries, you make up 3% of the field. Keep in mind that it means that 97% of the time, you aren't expected to win. Now take that concept into the large-field GPPs and see what your expectations of finishing in 1st place should actually be. It's F'ing hard man. Even if you're lucky enough to be able to max-enter the usual GPP, that's a total of 150 of the 20,000+ entries. If you want to do the math, it means the average player has a .0075% chance to win 1st place. Those numbers may seem bleak, but that's why we're here to help improve those odds. Given the proper strategy and approach, our 150 lineups will not be equal to the average player's 150 lineups. The same can be said with just a single lineup.

Today let's focus on some of the contests that provide us the best probabilities of seeing some large green numbers next to our name.

Below you'll see each contest's margin percentage and current overlay. The margin means the % of the entry dollars the site will be keeping. While overlay shows the amount of money that is currently "extra," aka the amount the site would lose if the contests were to go live now (because it didn't fill to capacity).