6/26 KBO: Mission Blue Leaderboards Initiated

Primary Arms

D.Straily: Well, here we go yet again. After the weather gods almost ruined 12 hours of my research, Straily will once again be the probable pitcher. I'm almost scared this has thrown him off his routine and he's more likely to have a subpar outing. Even if we account for a 10% reduction in output, Straily still belongs in the top tier. Feel free to go back and see what I wrote on him but he's been as impressive as just about anyone. He has a K rate just shy of 30% which lands him a clear 10+% ahead of everyone not named Gagnon on this slate. Insane. While his matchup against Samsung was already a plus one, getting Samsung on the road is much more ideal than in their home stadium. Fire away.

C.Kelly: The 3rd highest K Rate (18.7%) on today's slate. Kelly hasn't been able to find his groove this season. Even so, he's still managed to put up some decent stat-lines while experiencing some bad luck along the way (5.00 ERA / 4.01 FIP). In a prime matchup vs. SK, Kelly has everything pointing towards a good result. Remember, SK is the type of team we pick and choose when to Stack. Last night was a great spot for them, today? Not ideal.

Secondary Arms

D.Gagnon: I was tempted on putting him in the tier above but his matchup will keep my ownership levels in check. Gagnon can go HAM any given start and rack up 10 Ks and destroy the slate. In a sort of "slump", perhaps we can get lucky and see some lower ownership numbers than expected. In the large picture, this guy has the 3rd highest K rate (25.8%) and the 3rd lowest FIP (2.77) in the entire league. Those are two of the most vital stats when it comes to determining how to approach a certain SP. To take it a step further, he's been able to control his walks (6.8 BB%) while limiting the long ball (.20 HR/9). It's as if he was put together in a lab solely to matchup vs. this KIW team. His matchup is scary, but KIW is also VERY susceptible to the strikeout. KIW has numerous batters who carry a high K & BB rate. That essentially means that the Heroes thrive when facing wild pitchers who struggle to K opponents. Aka the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Gagnon is.