6/21 KBO Spark Notes

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Taking today on the easy side as far as KBO goes. I'll be working all day on the MLB Algorithm and other crucial aspects that are going to come in very, very useful for us all come next month. Book it.

I don't want to leave anybody empty handed especially those who are new to KBO so I'm going to post my projections for all members to use today. For those of you only building a lineup or two and aren't about that optimizer life, this should still help guide you, especially as a useful tiebreaker.

Story Time

I mentioned this on slack, but if you were a member for any portion of last year's MLB season, you might've caught on that I thrive when we have anything that resembles steady SP options. Last year when my team and I were in San Diego for the MLB Live Finals Championship, I made one of my boldest calls of all-time (and it had nothing to do with the actual tournament we were there for). That slate wasn't one that suited my strong points (there wasn't several aces going or a quality arm that was of great value), but I managed to do pretty well regardless. The crazy part, when the next day came around and I opened up FanDuel to look over SP options I looked at my team and said "I'm going to win $50,000 dollars and theres nothing anyone can do to stop me". They chuckled, they said "oh ok". Next morning rolls around and they're all waking up to me yelling "I Fu**ing Told You!!!" along with this screenshot.