6/07 Quick Notes

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Sorry about not being able to do my usual breakdown, I promise it's not on account of laziness. I've been working on our KBO projections, MMA Content, and the KBO tutorial for MME life.

Because we had several new members join this morning, I don't want to leave you guys empty handed. As for this particular slate, it's one of those rare "Wow, we have multiple SP options to choose from??" Don't get used to it.

Coming off his worst game of the season, O.Despaigne is in a prime spot to bounce back to Top 10 Pitcher Status. We faded Lotte last night, and wow did it work. Right back to the well today.

Also going today is S.Moon for SK against another struggling offense in the Samsung Lions. He's got rare K upside that we don't see very often across the pond. A near 22 K% to pair with outstanding control (4 BB%), we have just about every category checked off, making Moon a great play in all formats and sites.

W. Cha and J Lee are the next tier of pitchers for me. (Lee being a lot safer going against HAN). Cha is a GPP option only.

I'll be going over it in greater detail in the tutorial video, but go look over all the top place finishers from last night. It was the standard 5 man NC build w/ unique pieces attached. The top 3 finishers in DK all had a 5 man with 3 1-Offs. That is a +EV way to go when the slate calls for it. Having a stud in Koo anchoring our SP1 w/ several above average options for SP2, it was the most optimal strategy possible.

Tonight NC is right back to being the top overall offense across all formats. They are implied for a ridiculous 7.75 runs. the next closest is KT Wiz who have a 6.9 IRT. (Implied Run Total). Coming in 3rd-4th are KIW and DOO, both in the 5.5+range.