Workshop 101: Boogie Vision

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Lesson One: Seeing through the Boogie Lens (Boogie Vision)

Ok some things I found that stand out to me today.

- On some betting sites, The Rays have as much of an implied 75% chance to win today's game. Which for those of you who aren't big into betting lines, is extremely unusual. The takeaway here is the betting professionals are VERY confident they are winning this, which in turn means Morton is likely to get that extra 4-6 points for the W. (Depending on what site you are playing on).

- The Cubs are going overlooked today. A great example of leverage we can gain is Rizzo's 6% ownership on DK. (Should be somewhat similar in FD) Musgrove is in play today because of his low price, but the CHC bats are being undervalued big time. Musgrove struggles more vs. lefties which leads the way for Rizzo to take advantage. Schwarber is another great play today, but he will be higher owned. (At the very least I'm matching the field on them, likely going over).

- The reason why I like Tommy Pham so much isn't only his matchup (which is great, I'll explain now why), but it is the TYPE of great matchup we look for when we want to play a batter like Pham. Pham is a high ground ball hitter, which means when he faces a ground ball pitcher, the likelihood of him getting a hold of one for a homer goes way down. However, when Pham faces off against a pitcher who gives up a ton of fly balls, that'