The Takeoff 7.02.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "Approved by Cool Raul" Tier

C.Morton (10.8 FD, 10.6 DK): I really hope the projected ownership stays at what it is currently saying right now. Only 18% ownership for DK would be a steal for us. He has as good of a shot as anybody to lead the entire slate in points. Going up against a subpar Baltimore lineup who as a bonus, have heavy ground ball rates. Morton also has the highest implied K total tonight (7.5) and this game has the lowest Over/Under on the entire slate. There's a whole lot of signs pointing to Morton as the top play tonight. Playable everywhere. Do it.

P. Corbin (10.6 FD, 11.1DK): Faced the Marlins twice this season and has straight up dominated them both times. Yes, I know what some are probably thinking to themselves, "Doesn't everybody dominate the Marlins?" While it is a fair question, Miami has found ways to hit lefties since mid May and on. They've actually been an above average team vs. lefties in that timespan. Before the last 4-6 weeks, Corbin had been a top 5 pitcher in the Majors. He appears to have found his touch again. Will be one of my more owned pitchers. Playable in all formats.

T.Bauer (11.6 FD & DK): The major issue I have here is his price point. If he was down where Morton and Corbin were around I would have him slightly ahead of Corbin and competing neck and neck with Morton. Bauer has the 2nd highest Projected K total at 6.5, and that looks to be rising; will likely reach 7 or 7.5 by game time. The Royals should be no match for the flamethrower.

The "I can see this going really well... I hope Tier

J.Flaherty (7.9 FD, 7.6 DK): One of the better values on the slate today. He has been up and down all season, but today will be one of the better matchups for him. Only Vogelbach profiles really well vs. him. Again, it isn't without risk, but if we want to win a GPP these are the type of moves we need to attempt.

R.Lopez (6.6 FD, 5.6 DK): This could go awful, no doubt. But, this might be my favorite play as a SP2 over on DK. This low of a price going against the worst offense in the league vs. RHPs. I've played Lopez against better teams, so I'm going to risk it when its vs. the best matchup of the season for him. He's faced DET twice before already this season, one of those starts he went for 14Ks. It's 100% in the realm of possibilities that he can do something similar again. With Lopez, theres aways the possibilities of an explosion both ways. If you ride with him, make sure to make a hedge stack for safety. (As a bonus, Lopez loves to use his slider, DET as a unit hits sliders really poorly).