3 Seats in 1 Week: The Mike Evans Story

Each and every player I rostered was listed in my Week 3 Strategy Article

Well, that was a fun week, huh? Truthfully, I could barely enjoy the last hour and a half of game action because I was freaking out about what my winnings were showing me. No lie, at one point it was showing me winning over $240,000, and there wasn't that much time left in the games. This wasn't an "oh, wow ok you were winning $240 K midway through the 1st Quarter". No, this was with like 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter type of stuff. I was at my house with my brother Andrew, and two of my best friends Gaby and Jolly (all who have some part to do with this site and the success we have been able to enjoy), and we were all freaking the hell out. We were all way down after the 1 PM games ended. I was already trying to see where I must have gone wrong and was starting to mentally prepare for the following week. (Fun fact: I'm addicted to diet coke) I was on my way to Burger King with Gaby when it hit us, that almost every game that we built our lineups around happened to be in the 4 PM time slot. We get back to my place, and I already heard some cheering as Winston threw his first TD to Evans. Little did we know what that was going to lead to.

I put the lineups side by side so you can see how I tend to play. You might hear some people say that they like to make just one lineup and enter it several times into different contests, but that's never really been my style. What I tend to do is take a core lineup and slightly hedge each one just a bit in case I was somewhat off with my main prediction. As it turned out this week, all of my slight adjustments ended up being good enough to each take down a tournament.

The first thing you should notice is how similar each of these lineups were. As I've mentioned several times now during my articles and optimizer videos, the best lineup construction will be putting a RB in the flex and including some low-owned WRs. The goal should always be the same when building