The Takeoff 7.17.19

Pitcher Rankings

The Lets Ride Em Tier

Today is going to be a clear and cut pitching player pool.

M.Clevinger: It just doesn't get much better than this. Clevinger and his 39.7% K rate are going to go up against those good old Tigers with their bottom of the barrel .ISO and wOBA vs. RHPs. The only reason to fad him is ownership, but I'm looking to go heavier than the field no matter what it may be. I hope the rain doesn't ruin this, that is the only issue I can see. All in.

C.Paddack: As you see from the above picture, Paddack will be returning to what should have been his home ballpark for the next decade. SIGH. Marlins gave him up for practically nothing and something tells me he's going to have a little extra juice on his pitches tonight. I'm all over him tonight. Besides that narrative, theres also the fact that he is near elite vs. RHBs and the Marlins are a bottom 3 offense vs. RHPs. He's actually likely to go under -owned thanks to having a few bigger names on the slate today. I'm excited for this start.

G.Cole: Amazing that Cole is the 3rd name I write for this slate. Still likely the best talent going tonight, he will be my 3rd most owned pitcher solely because of price point. That being said, the Angels are likely to be without the best hitter in the game, as Trout is still looking a few days away from making his return. Even if he is only my 3rd most owned arm, that doesn't mean I will be light on him.