WFBC Seat #5

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

So here is the winner that sent me to #5! I'm going to go step by step to show you guys how I put this lineup together solely using what i wrote. Let's start with Charlie Morton, who was my #1 pitcher for the slate. Here's exactly what I wrote.

"C.Morton (10.8 FD, 10.6 DK): I really hope the projected ownership stays at what it is currently saying right now. Only 18% ownership for DK would be a steal for us. He has as good of a shot as anybody to lead the entire slate in points. Going up against a subpar Baltimore lineup who as a bonus, have heavy ground ball rates. Morton also has the highest implied K total tonight (7.5) and this game has the lowest Over/Under on the entire slate. There's a whole lot of signs pointing to Morton as the top play tonight. Playable everywhere. Do it. "