Daily Notes 07.18.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Hey everyone hope you all had a successful night yesterday. For me personally, I'm probably as frustrated as I've ever been this season. I essentially nailed the pitching to the last bit, and yet all that happened last night was I broke even. It's incredible how tilting this could be.

To add to the frustration I've woken up with a real bad cold and cough. I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to do today but I will try my best. Chances are I throw in a random lineup here and there and attempt the Q and thats it.

I'll still try to add as much as I can if I run into something I find an edge in later. The early slate isn't exciting but if I end up on something I'll tell you here. Would think Lamet and Caleb are good upside plays.