The Takeoff 7.19.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "Dear God.. Aces Galore" Tier

J. DeGrom: Pitching in one of the best pitcher's parks in the league, DeGrom has the potential to easily lead the slate in scoring. The wind does appear to be blowing out but that shouldn't be a cause for too much concern. This will all be an ownership play for me. With so many pitchers having similar projected outcomes, it makes sense to go opposite of the field and hope for the best.

S.Beiber: When a slate includes the likes of DeGrom and Verlander and yet you lead all pitchers in K%, you know you're doing something right. Bieber is going up against a KC squad without Mondesi, and with no real lefty power outside of Gordon. (HRs to LHBs has been Beiber's only issue this season). His ceiling is as high as anyone's today.

J.Verlander: Being slightly priced down today on a full slate is already reason enough to play Verlander. We get the added benefit of his owernship being a projected 9% on FD and 17% on DK.

H.Ryu: He's been a top3 ish pitcher this entire season and he's pitching in a good pitcher's park against a team in the Marlins that only has a .125 ISO against LHPs.