Daily Notes 06.21.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Ok so far so good, checking all around and nobody is really seeing just how good Canning's matchup/ price/ upside/ floor is setting up for today. The general consensus seems to be Nola is the go to play at the mid tier price range. Thats fine, I think Nola is a good play. Marlins all almost all RHBs and thats something that Nola has had no issue with in his entire career. This season, he is again getting better results as evident by his .149 RISO compared to .216 LISO. But even then, its not like he's destroying and blowing RHBs away. He's been closer to average than anything else. His .325 RwOBA and 23.4% K are nothing special. Conclusion on Nola: Cash play, also GPP viable but will be the chalk tonight.

Meanwhile my boy Griffin Canning is going up against a Cardinals team that ranks in the bottom 3 in almost every offensive category over the last month. They have been just awful as of late. Doesn't totally make sense either, they have some pretty good hitters in Ozuna, Goldie, Carpenter etc. but numbers don't lie. When you take a stand on a player that others don't seem to be on, it's always best to double check everything to make sure you aren't taking crazy pills. St.Louis is a lineup that is mostly made up of righties. Canning strikeouts out both sides of the plate over 25%, so that's a good start. Next, what is his main pitch? How does the opposing lineup fare against that pitch? Canning throws his slider 47.4% of the time, and St.Louis only has one player with an ISO over .200 vs.that pitch. (DeJong). Lastly, checking the weather conditions is always a nice extra piece of information that can guide you in ultimately deciding which way to go. I personally use it as a tiebreaker when I'm stuck between two or more players. According to the WeatherEdge tool, the wind will be blowing across the diamond with the end result being pro-pitcher (it mig