Daily Notes 07.19.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

A lot of good hitting situations yet again today. Focus on the Leverage Corner to help guide you in choosing the ones you want to trust the most. Keep an eye on ownership if you can in order to make sure you aren't going chalk heavy. For the few of you that haven't gotten that down pact just yet, thats what I'm here for.

DeGrom is shaping up to be the "Chalk" pitcher today followed by Ryu. That doesn't mean you can't play them. The key is to balance out your lineups so you have a solid mix of chalk and contrarian moves. When building your rosters, don't fret over picking a player who is highly owned and think it is a losing move. When it comes to ownership %s remember that it's all about the overall lineup ownership %. Lets run through an example suited for today.

Example A: You really like DeGrom and you want to play him but you are worried about his high ownership. Not a problem as long as you don't stack the top two owned stacks with him. (Remember that on full slates there isn't as much of a need to worry about ownership concentration).

NYY 10% Own. DeGrom 25% Own.

BOS 11% Own. Bieber 5% Own.

PIT 3% Own.

MIL 4% Own.

(The above are just examples not actual %s for today)

What do you think the most optimal way to pair this would be?

Correct! You take the higher owned pitcher with the two lower owned stacks, and you take the lesser owned pitcher with the two higher owned stacks.


Bieber NYY/BOS