Daily Notes 07.15.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

One 5 man stack of Joc, Muncy, Seager, Bellinger, and Verdugo is only an average of 4.4 K a player. To give you a better idea on what that still allows you to add to your roster, you can add someone like Blackmon playing in Coors where he’s hitting over .400 in, and punt at catcher which then still gives you plenty of money to get a solid 3B Upside option like Guerrero Jr. at only 3.8 K, all while getting a star ace like Giolito all the way at 11.2 K and punt at SP2 with someone like Valdez from HOU who all he would need to do is not implode. whatever he gives us is a bonus in my eyes. THIS IS INSANE. The Dodgers only have the 5th highest implied run total which means they may go overlooked or at least they won't be owned AS MUCH as they should. OMGGG

Eflin is low key a bottom 10 pitcher in terms of his severe splits. He has been awful vs. lefties and thats with some good luck he's ran into. His BABIP and runners LOB (left on base) is not sustainable. Some Regression is coming and today is a prime day to bet on it happening. I'm so damn in on this.


As far as Coors goes today... there are two worse than usual pitchers on the hill and there's better than average hitting conditions. The Over/Under is set at 14 and its likely climbing. I will not be fading this game at all. The key is to get the right mix in. That is what we will work on from now till first pitch.


I apologize but I'm not sure how much I will be able to update this later on because my migraine keeps getting worse. Terrible timing on a slate full of craziness. Keep an eye on the weather and winds and if everything holds steady follow through with t