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Are you ready for some baseball? Boogie SZN Year 2.

After a fantastic first year, Daily Boogie is ready to take it to the next level. You can join with a weekly, monthly, or full season pass. Get access to DFS content, access our private slack channel as well as all MLB articles and daily insights. Enter the forums and join the daily conversation too! The full season package also includes 15% off the 2020 NFL Season Membership as well as other eligible promos and giveaways throughout the season.

We are excited to share various upgrades with all our returning members and new faces. Year 1 was some of the most fun we could've hoped for, but in this competitive landscape, there's no room for complacency. Come join Adam, aka BoogieJonesMan, and company as we set off to top last year's historic season. This year we are bringing you several new upgrades. You will be able to hear our podcasts and live stream's crisp as can be from our new professional studio. You will have direct access to Boogie's personal projections each and every day. Let's also not forget last year's bread and butter: The Takeoff and Leverage Corner, as well as our Daily Notes. 

For our new members, these are just some of the benefits we offer:

  • The Takeoff: Where we will have the daily top plays for both pitchers and hitters. On top of the attention to detail, we will do all the daily grinding and find you that all important edge needed to take down GPPs. All you cash players are taken care of as well. We will make it as easy as possible, and list the top value options at each position. 

  • Leverage Corner: This is where you will really start seeing the difference between what we offer compared to the other sites. The Leverage Corner will offer insight into what team stacks are offering us the best upside when factoring in projected ownership and matchup. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal. 

  • Stack Attack: In order to take down a tournament, you need to find the right balance and correct combination of team stacks to play. With Stack Attack, we will help guide you to do just that. It might be easy to determine which offenses have a good matchup on a given day, but deciding what two stacks to pair? That's the key difference between 1st place and 250th place. New this year, we will also be giving the Highest Rated Stacks (Highest Raw Projections) + The Leverage Stacks of the Day. The Leverage Stacks will offer insight into what team stacks provide us the best upside when factoring in projected ownership, matchup, and upside. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal. 

  • Splash Zone: Home Runs are King. Here in the Splash Zone we bring you our best calls to go yard everyday. While we will list the most likely to homer, we will also include a few surprise names who are going under the radar from time to time. 

  • Daily Notes: News and statuses are always fluent throughout the day leading up to first pitch. We will keep you updated with any late breaking news on top of also giving you key stats we come across during our research.

  • Lineup Reviews: Julius Caesar once said “Experience is the teacher of all things”. We agree. That’s why we will have Lineup Reviews all throughout the season. We will be breaking down past slates and how a specific strategy fared the day before. (We will also be giving members direct feedback on their lineups so you can go gaining knowledge on where you went right or wrong). 

  • Daily Pitchers Hub: You will have access to every single stat from the day’s Starting Pitchers. You will be able to breakdown how they stack up against the opposing lineup.

  • Sports Betting Advice & Analysis: From giving out our picks, to helping teach you the Ins & Outs of the Betting Market. 

  • Season-Long & Dynasty Tools: While our main priority maybe the DFS sector, don't think we are forgetting about your Season-Long and Dynasty needs. Unlike any other DFS site out there, we will be bringing you news, notes, articles, and rankings for both Redraft and Dynasty formats throughout the MLB Season. 

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Adam's knowledge of the game is top notch. He has risen my DFS game from the dead. I'm up $12,000 in just 30 days. This site rocks!

Chris Bouchard


My absolute favorite aspect of the site is daily notes and how early the content is posted.



Long time DFS Golf and Football guy – decided to give baseball a shot. Small stakes player about $25 a day. I have 7x bankroll since joining Boogie. Have learned the art of stacking and leveraging. Boogie has been a great teacher and the Boogie community is a fun group of guys.

Chris Maher



Chris Bouchard

Frank Dynda


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